Check in 2016

Hello everyone,

There a lot of good things to share this time.
Not so long ago I had a taste of painting with oil the great outdoors, it was an amazing experience. New Zealand has the most beautiful inspiring landscapes, and Im soo thrilled about it. Its very challenging to deal with the changing light, the wind and rain, gotta grip on the essence of the scene the atmosphere the mood, but I can tell you this is one of the most enjoyable experience an artist can have.
I found out about other masters of plein air painting, and became very enthusiastic to study their work, Richard Robinson, John Crump, Jim McVicker, and also Monet, Sargent, the french impressionists gave me great inspiration.
I have more paintings done in the past year, here is a little snippet of them I hope you enjoy.

I also have a new website, and artist facebook page where I post my most recent artworks:

 Here is a few of the best paintings I have done from 2015.

This one is the view from the look out at Shakespeare Regional Park. I spent quite a lot of time on this. When I was sitting there looking this amazing view, I thought it would be impossible to capture it on a painting. But slowly step by step working on it building up the layers, rewarded me with the result of this painting Im quite happy about.

Grants Island Mahurangi Harbour. It was an amazing view trough a paddock from the side of the road. I made this oil sketch, and planning to do a bigger one about this in the future.

Riverhead forest oil on canvas, made 'en plein air'  I used to go here for horse riding and got inspired to paint these trees, and capture the peaceful spirit of this place one day. The paddocks were empty, I was missing the horses they used to graze there.

 Low tide at Cox's Bay painted 'en plein air'
love the sight of boats sitting in the mud, their reflections in the paddles make me mesmerised.
This is KatrinaII painted 'en plein air' at Westhaven Marina
I love classic sailing yachts, I was quite happy to find this beauty :)
 Scandretts Bay ' en plein air'
Szentendre the town of artists
I love this little town in Hungary, so cosy and colourful.


Long time no see :)

Hi folks,
Im not sure if anyone reading this blog, yes it has been a while I haven't post anything, I was quite busy doing other things and didn't have time for painting. I restored a boat, started a new business making delicious waffles, and got married just recently. The fire of my passion for painting almost went out, but recently had a sparkle and some good inspirations.
I made lot of sketches with ink and watercolour, tried out the Chinese brush too, just recently got into "plein air" painting. I am so happy to have some friends a good group of painters going out painting regularly.
I picked up my brush and will post more often about the progress I made.
Bless ya


Some new paintings came alive under my brush and palette knife just recently :)

I took art class with Nemesh, and Ria for some inspiration. It was well worth it.
Mount Cook - Water based oil and acryllic on canvas

Stormy sea - Oil on canvas

Sailing into the sunset - oil on canvas

Sailing to the sunset 2 - oil on canvas


Quiet times...

Hi there, I have been quiet for a while...
I keep creating, but now on the dry land. I thrive :) making my backyard garden, learning horsemanship. I grow Ice king, and Iceberg lettuce, bhut jolokia very hot chillies, lot of lavenders, passion fruit, strawberries, garlic, basil, cellery, radish, turnip, lentils, beans. Always expanding with new plants.
I planted some new plants for a stone garden, try to grow aloe vera.
I sprout wheat, for wheatgrass, and sprout beans, and lentils.
I have new paintings in my head, need to put them on the canvas...
Theme is horses, and horseback archery...



Hi there,
here is a painting I made not too long ago. Auckland view from my boat. Oil, acryllics on sail canvas.