Art For Good

Its time to do good things, and I tought about donation.
Giving is a good for our spirit, and good for those who are in demand. After the earthquake in Christchurch lot of people lost everything, their homes their loved ones...
I would like to donate the profit from selling paintings to those who are in demand in Christchurch, to express my sympathy for them and New Zealand. Please take a look of my paintings in my flickr gallery, I will upload my recent works asap.

I take on any comissions from fine art paintings, digital art in any imagined or real subject.

  • Oil paintings
  • acrillycs
  • watercolor
  • portraits landscapes still life
  • mixed media
  • digital media

Please let me know if you interested, so we can do something good for each other and those who are in desperate need.

You can contact me trough email andras_kalmar@yahoo.com

God bless

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